The process of getting educated and gaining a qualification, amongst others, solves two primary purposes; one is to help gain meaningful employment and the other facilitate expanding ones horizon if one chooses to be an Academician.

A good and suitable course/education from a reputed and recognised institute/college/university would not only facilitate getting good jobs and have an excellent career but also satisfy their academic pursuit.

Those are the bygone times when a student only had a choice between two or perhaps three possible options as a career. A Doctor, an Engineer or perhaps Civil Services or the Armed Forces used to be the choices available. In present times a student has an option of choosing a variety of professions which would satisfy its goals and objectives.

In order to provide sustainable employment, the educationists have modified and blended the courses and curriculum in such a way that would satisfy the needs of a modern student and their aspirations. The student can now choose any vocational course, according to his or her desire, which would help excel in the choice of chosen profession.

The liberalisation of education sector along with permission being accorded to entities to set up State Private Universities, has created a multiplier effect. to the various permutation and combination of courses and universities.

Now, the situation at present is where the modern student not only has a choice between the kind of courses that
could be pursued but also the choice of the University from which such a course could be undertaken.

It is this state of confusion and helplessness of students which is one of the reasons for VeeR Education Services
(VES) to come into existence in technical collaboration with Way 2 Career (W2C).